What makes this anti-Semitism different?


A German political activist, named Wilhelm Marr, (1879), defined the expression “anti-Semitism”, as: An ideology concept of a new pseudo-science fundamental principle of racial superiority and inferiority. Referencing Aryans and Jews respectively.

Anti – Semitism or Jew – Hatred as I call it, is basically discrimination against Jews as individuals. We are now introduced with a new anti-Semitism which is tailored in discrimination against the Jews as a people and their representation in Israel. This terminology is now coined anti-Zionism which is inclusive to anti-Judaism.

In each category the heart of anti-Semitism is identically detrimental to Jewish identity. It entails the rights of Jews to live as equal members in society of their residence and the rights against the Jewish people to live as an equal member of the family of their nations. This inevitable denies Jews the rights to live within Israel as united Jews, amongst the nations. It denotes a political alliance of leftists profusely opposed to Israel policies. Right-wing anti-Semitism is devoted to the downfall of Israel. Many immigrated from Europe, are fixated with a paranoid mindset of hatred of Jews and Israel.

This manifestation relates to Anti-globalization. It thrives on Christians roots as Jews the Christ-killer, the infamous holocaust deniers, and other myths that are racial and religious in nature. We are now faced with those who display hostility towards Jews as Jews, being based on Israel-Arab conflicts. This is how the Jewish question and anti-Semitism became a socio-economic cultural and political issue.

Due to rise in unemployment and other economics failures neo-Nazi Skinheads look for scapegoats. What is considered extreme nationalist, (fascism), anti-Semitism is protected in Germany by governmental policies. However, this hatred towards Jews is said to meet their political boundaries. What is coined Contemporary anti-Semitism the emancipation of Jews has continued to be an issue. In countries like the U.S. full rights and freedom have been provisioned for Jews, however, Jews are still at the forefront of acts of hate. It is noted how preposterous it is to continue to have anti-Semitism in countries where there is essentially no Jews.

Kalanit – 2

East European Nationalism anti-Semitism continued to surface on the flaws of liberal democratic tradition. Due to absence of sustained economic growth and virulent anti-communism. 1

The stereotypes and myths still exist. Jews are cunning, selective in referencing the “chosen ones”, secretive and only loyal to other Jews. Jews are fraudulent and deal in white-slavery, Jews are caricatured as Satan, hiding behind Israel as their homeland. They may be seen as poverty stricken in some cases however, they are powerful in controlling the banks and media. The old blood libel legend, still surfaces as well as the myth of world domination, (Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders).

Many blame Jews for causing Germany defeat in WWI. During 1930 rise of Nazism, their anti-Semitic hate speech labeled Jews as dirty, detestable piece of filth. In 1933 the Nuremberg laws removed most of the rights of citizenship. Defining who is a Jew made it easy for Nazi’s to take away civil and constitutional rights of German Jews. They were forbidden to have sex with non-Jews as well as participation in German civic life.

Jews were blamed for imposing the communism scourge on post war Rumania. 2
They were accused of being ideologically alien to Polish culture, being loyal to Israel vs. Poland. 3 Jews are the danger to human-kind. They cause public humiliation, defilement to all. Jews are the misfortunes. As a result, their businesses were boycotted and destroyed.

The types of anti-Semitism mentioned are Rumanian anti-Semitism, Anti-communist, Catholic anti-Semitism, Hungary anti-Semitism, neo-Stalinist and Zionist. In reality they are termed political, ideological, theological, cultural, holocaust deniers, economic, racist, hatred towards Israel and genocidal anti-Semitism.

So are the Jews the oppressed or the oppressors?

Dostoievsky says, who are the Jews who complain of lack of equality? They direct the stock exchange, politics, domestic affairs, morality of the states and therefore reign in Europe. Russian commoners or peasants as they are called, endure double the affliction as Jews. Russians withstand serfdom. Who are they to complain when they show no compassion towards the Russians. The greedy Jews takes what is his and vanish. It is noted that no one hated them due to religious barriers and they were not persecuted. They are hated because they are guilty of being dedicated to the destruction of Christian civilization. They are non acceptable to the norm. They are cast down due to their refusal to renounce Judaism and their God. In my opinion this is indeed synonymous with being oppressed and a classic form of discrimination.

Kalanit – 3 
The Jews are the enemy of the people. They are continually cursed with the unproven allegations of:

Jewish Bolshevism
Zionist occupation
Blood libel
Dreyfus Affair
Host desecration

They have been persecuted by ghettos, pogroms, expulsions, segregation and the holocaust.

The contemporary polish anti-Semitism fail to rationalize their existence of their own identity while undergoing rapid social change.

Is the goal of Nationalism movement to create territorial boundaries in a political
unit, (state), out of equal culturally communities, (nations)? However, the existence of ethnic minorities is denied within the borders of this so-called nation-state. The conflict arises when we inclusively try to form one identity, one religion, one group that we can unify in a democratic content. So, the link between nationalism and anti-Semitism is the struggle for independent states. This romantic period states legal emancipation of the Jews from the political leaders.

To form a patriotism based on the identification of a group of individuals with a nation, will lead to different elements or components of nationalism creating internal and external difficulties.

The ignorance about Judaism and Jewish history is considered a fertile breeding-ground for anti-Semitism. 4 However, as a result, it is considered an “legitimate opinion”. It is tolerated but not nearly chastised politically or morally.

Throughout history the old and the new, anti-Semitism is embellished and fabricated. It also criticized Israel policies on Zionism. Although it is seen as being masked brutality against Palestinians it is still not considered conventional anti-Semitism. It steps out of the realm of religious and race to a philosophical socio-political conceptual view.

Kalanit –  4

But, the hostility is still towards the Jews and not the hatred that is viewed towards Israel or Zionist. Since this hatred is not towards the belief system of the Jew, it is deemed as non anti-Semitism.

What makes this anti-Semitism different? Jews are accused of being against the national agenda. The nationalistic ideology especially in eastern and central Europe. Jews views, faith, religion is different and therefore is envisioned as the opposition. Anti-Semitism has a need for an enemy. Which is the Jew.

Anti-Semites tries to make Jews believe their only safe haven is Israel. If the focus is now hatred towards Israel it makes this anti-Semitism toxic. To destroy the policies and Zionism in Israel takes away the Jew, identity, birth rights, heritage and protection. This makes the enemy vulnerable for the culmination of the final solution. This is profoundly radically extremist anti-Semitism. Extermination/Death of the Jew.














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