What is the Essence of your New Year? Executive Leaders Guide To Your Health

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Developing a personal decision or making a framework consist of an applied ethical analysis. This is the branch of ethics concerned with the analysis of a particular moral issues in private and personal life. This year my advice is you must find your personal “fit”, whatever works for you.

A few years ago my niece was the honoree for her new up and coming birth of her

son. During which we played a game. As you entered the ballroom a young lady

taped a tag to your back and you was supposed to guess who you were. So, my sister,

two other nieces, my daughter, nephew his significant other and a few others were

at my table. So, my niece said OK auntie it is your turn ….. Who are you? I replied,

Miss Theresa Bass, aka, Kalanit. So, she said not today. Well, I just couldn’t think

of anyone they would have paired me with so I said give me a hint. She said you were Miss

America. I always give a Miss America slant of a wave to others but I could not

think who was Miss America. So, I asked…am I African-American. She looked at

me as to say Bisch please…but she replied of course. I am so sorry I just didn’t

know as I have always been a fan of:

Vanessa L. Williams

Well this year I am going beyond the scale. I don’t need to upgrade because I am

already free. Last year Essence magazine featured Vanessa L. Williams on loving

ourselves at every age. As of now my favorite commercial is the cover girl commercial

where the woman says, “they say at a certain age you stop caring about yourself”,

and her response was I wonder what age is that. Then she elegantly put on her coat

and went to her engagement. Adam Gilbert wrote an article on December 21, 2017

indicating the one mantra to adopt if your goal is weight loss in 2018 is progression

not perfection. So my focus is steady progression, restore reinvent and renew. If you

are interested in subscribing to essence magazine click the link below.



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Vanessa L. Williams says stay true to who you are at any age.


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Live Natural in the physical world including all natural phenomena and living things.

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