Euthanasia, Terminal illness and Judaism

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I choose LIFE without suffering

I do not advocate suffering for Jewish “law” prohibit one from engaging in self-destructive behavior. But, suffering sometimes is unavoidable. Jewish ethics has many “lifesaving” actions; “As one who saves a single life it is as if he/she saved an entire world”. It is permissible to intervene to help relieve another persons suffering, (if that person allows you to).

Where does one end and one begin…in prayer. Preventive medicine which is in accordance with the consensus of medical opinion, (which contribute to the avoidance of disease and preservation of health/life), is what is composed of a Jewish philosophical/ethical mitzvah. However, a person is well within their rights to say no to a prescription. It is moral and permissible for one to deny drugs and/or surgeries which has no therapeutic value. It is chavalah, the causing of unnecessary physical harm to the human body.

Judaism sees medicine as a mitzvah. Therefore, the Jewish tradition commands us to choose life. There are many illness that can cause suffering and suffering can also be self-induced. Mercy killing and assisted suicide is prohibited in Jewish tradition, (medical ethics). The decision to take a persons’ life can be based on what is considered “quality of life”. But who gets to determine that for a sick or terminal human being what their life is worth? What is considered passive euthanasia is an individual and family decision, but I hope I’m never placed in the position to play God. I will not transgress the most essential and fundamental moral standard of Judaism which is compassion. I will not take my life or a love one life for that job is not mine it’s the Lord’s.

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