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A Derailed Leader – REALLY!

Kalanit the plan to derail the Republican campaign wasn’t accomplished. I am a Democrat and my employer is a deranged Republican. He is like an assassin destroying the bond that we all had once upon a time. He is a greedy B*tch! I feel as if I need purgative medicine. I would like to say good-bye to Bill and Hillary Clinton for now. Should I leave, find a bio-pharmaceutical drug, eat more protein or should I chant?

From a cognitive perspective meditation with mantras are extremely healthy. I know you are a Buddhist so game on girl. The quintessence of your religion states your faith and certitude can transform suffering and within yourself you can overcome any obstacle in life that you may fortuitously stumble across. Many of us are agitated and experience anxiety that give rise to defense mechanisms. A time when we must engage in brain science intellectualization and emotional intelligence. Finding purification within ourselves consist of producing a feeling of being purified emotionally, spiritually, or psychologically. As a result of an intense emotional experience a therapeutic technique or cathartic approach can help eliminate our delusions. Any thought pattern of revenge as misrepresentation of facts lead to envy and aversion.

Although bio-pharmaceutical drugs are used for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes if you are not fighting a disease that calls for a recombinant therapeutic protein drug I must advise against it. RTP, Recombinant Therapeutic Protein are artificial forms of recombinant DNA that have been created by combining or inserting one or more DNA strand into a single molecule. Humulin Insulin or RH1 for Diabetics, Cerezyme R for Gauchers disease, Leukine R for Neutropenia or Synyisc R and Hyalgan R for Rheumatoid arthritis.

The American Institute for Stress says, “Take a Deep Breathe”, reference:

My recent battle with bilateral pneumonia and my daughter, the professional respiratory therapist, suggest I take my own advise. Oxygen flowing to our brain creates clarity within our thought patterns. Your nervous system is in equilibrium which lowers your stress level. Reduced blood pressure lessens stress on your heart and create a relaxation effect within each one of us. Psychology Today has an article about the B*tch in the workplace, reference:

My dietary preference is still beach I am not physically fit to perform the high intensity exercises, (recent motor vehicle accident). Unfortunately, I cannot do most of the modified versions neither. But I am a firm believer that exercise is the key to your mind and body harmony. An effusively rapid release of oxygen to our brain and lungs does a body good. The meal plans gives you four protein options per day. As you move through the program the large quantities of food that you are allowed are no longer needed or desired and the pounds start melting off. Be careful with the use of weights by knowing the difference between those that tone and those that build. Then select what works for you.

Another options: Here is a link to “My Brain Solutions”, my calm beat.

Watch the my calm beat video that educates one to:

Decrease stress
Improve focus
Build resilience

However, a main theme that I live by is; If I cannot say anything good about a person I would rather not say anything at all. Therefore the purpose of this article is to provide factual enlightening information. Before moving forward I suggest you read my article, “Cruel Intentions are you Black or White”. It specifically express that you direct your attention to the harm that is done when you back-bite, slander, ridicule or defame anyone reputation based on your insecurities or limitation. Gossip, slander, deception and tale-bearing is a serious sin in Judaism. However, the exception to the rule exist when one absolutely needs to know to allow you to make a decision to move forward without reservation. You may reveal information that will do harm to others. Also if you are contemplating on engaging in a relationship that you would not engage in if you knew certain factual information, then you are allowed to inform those that maybe affected, (reference: Explicitly you are allowed to inform someone if their perspective business or leadership partner is untrustworthy. It is noted in Jewish ethics that the commandment not to go about as a tale-bearer is juxtaposed with “one should not stand aside while his fellow’s blood is shed”. Now that we are all on the same page you will understand that this information need to be told.

My Story

Being ambitious and moving up my ladder to success I left a lucrative position to expand my knowledge base in certified public accounting firms and a feel of self employment. I met someone who identified themselves as an entrepreneur that assured me they could show me the ropes to self empowerment and building your own business. Problem number one was I was already a self empowered woman. I managed my own rental property, worked full-time, (as an accountant) and developed a seasonal tax accounting business for myself. Mentors, I learned from the best, (former and later). Individuals I considered friends as well, Doris Hall James, June Boswell, Joanna Gabris, Claudia Kirkly my Rabbi’s and the educating pioneers at Gratz College. Currently at CTU, Dr. Michael Alexander.

Hughs, R., Ginnett, R., & Curphy, F. (2011), purports that managerial incompetence concerns a person inability to build teams or attain a desired result. The person in question managerial skills was derailed when they lost the ability to build team morale or cohesiveness. Furthermore, they became a destructive leader, (from my definition), due to not being able to promote themselves as a self-confident manager or leader. They demonstrated skills of a boss only with lost of purpose and self-respect. They undermined all morals and ethical considerations when they claimed they could no longer support my salary due to a personal situation. However, they created a proposal for a government contract and used my name to receive same. A friend in the political arena, in Harrisburg, awarded a lucrative contract because I was named as a partner with this firm.

Jewish ethics purports that one must tell all information in a Jewish court of law regardless of the outcome to the other person. I too had to attend a mediation in order to win my case when I applied for unemployment compensation. I collected unemployment compensation benefits and began consulting with Robert Half Accounting consultants. Years had passed by before he, (my friend), informed me what had occurred and I informed him that I was no longer affiliated with the firm.

What were the circumstances that brought about the lost of respect and the realization of their incompetence and insecurities?

We had a process of checking each other work before being mailed or hand carried to a client. A tax return was prepared making a major blunder and sent to the client without me checking the tax return. An error that I would have picked up immediately. The client was furious as she called her an incompetent CPA and she spread the word of what occurred to many. She was embarrassed and our relationship was comprised by her perception of me leading and she following. As of today I am not aware of the clients identity nor do I know exactly what defamation tactics was used.

A managers main goal is to produce order and consistency through the process of planning, budgeting, organizing, staffing and problem solving. Whereas a leader produces movement through constructive or adaptive change, (reference:, CTU learning materials, 2016) and watch our new president-elect Mr. Donald John Trump. Leaders establish direction and a vision as they motivate inspire and align teams and people they manage. This in return gives them command and control. Unfortunately, she was not a respected manager or leader in my eyes and I am blessed that if she did falsify information on a government contract, I was not privy to same. Our separation afforded me the opportunity to obtain employment with a well-known and self respected CPA firm. I passed all test and became the best that I can be as I have always led with morals and ethical consideration. Her reputation was downgraded as a person that is a mere assigned leader by a name on a business card. Her game and main objective was to control finances. Another person that chose gold over god, money over ethical behavior. She derailed herself as she lost at raising the standards of human conduct within herself. Her derailment was she blamed me and the client for her failed skills as she was now seen as a prime candidate of the moronization of management and leadership. She fits in each category of the six themes of derailment as she showed her dark side by exercising poor judgment and letting her pride be her deadly sin. She is placed in the 60 percentile of Doctor Gordy Test and employee satisfaction as I would never work with her or anyone demonstrating that type of personality trait.

If you have a leader that has derailed they no longer have a vision or strategic perspective on the development of personal leadership competencies. Victor Vroom and Phillip Yetton developed a leadership decision tree, (1973), and later with, (Arthur Jago, 1988). Their take on the situational theory passionate polemic is that the best leadership derives solutions that is contingent upon the situation at hand, (reference: Their main objective suggests leaders should not just concentrate on what has happened, (past tense), but rather create a “playbook” of what should happen or rather what does happen if the best blueprint of decision-making is not put in place. Leaders that have derailed generally bear or sustain characteristics that demonstrate that they are lacking in adaptive learning, re-framing persuasive rhetoric skills as well as social and emotional intelligence.

Rather you are on the front line or the back office the department of defense evolve around intelligent communities, (reference:|pcrid|106368578005). This involves being an intelligent person and demonstrating individual, charismatic, social and emotional skills. Any person that mission does not revolve around delivering or performance of goods, products and services in a SMART framework to me is not intelligent. When we look out for ourselves as a leader we fail at interwoven relationships, building teams and problem solving. Our goal is also profiting for the betterment of all and doing it efficiently and effectively. One may have public speaking and prior political economic skills but may lack at general intelligence as Psychology Today says one must be a construct that has the ability to problem solve have spatial manipulation and language acquisition, (reference:

Every individual managing or leading a team within any organization should comply with the four pillars of management/leadership as they directly drive the organization. They are leadership, management, command and control. Interpersonal, effectiveness, efficiency and conceptual construct are interwoven to build and strengthen organizations. The benefits include affordability productivity and vision loop learning, (which is feedback).

If our businesses or political leaders do not cover targeted ambitions of moving the United States of America in the right direction, (that constitutes effective change management that will create powerful indispensable user adaptability, increase revenue service and conflict resolution), then what purpose are they serving for the American people. If we can move past the insensitivity of political incorrectness maybe then we will hear the intellectual side of any debate that is focused on policies. This will eliminate us envisioning following a leader blindly. Irrationally, indiscriminately, impetuously, heedlessly thought patterns is not acceptable anymore.


Have a plan B before exiting the ship.

A researcher may engage in quantitative research as I chose my sampling frame to be a non-probability sample. It basically entails a sample that has not been selected randomly. This means I chose the sample based on my problematic question and answers that portray a representative sample. A sample that reflects the population accurately so that it is a microcosm of the population. To accomplish this goal I chose one of my favorite first ladies, Mrs. Laura Bush. A single respondent to represent an entire dignified whole. As I realize the limitations because it represent her role as she perceived it to be. Also because it acknowledge that she believes her way is a more favorable way. In this particular situation I agree. I created a convenience sample, basically because it is one that is available to the researcher by virtue of its accessibility, (Hughs, R., Ginnett, R., & Curphy, F. 2011, pg. 200, Leadership: Enhancing the lessons of experience (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill).

When Laura Bush was asked the question, (by one of the tabloids), what is the job of the first lady, she responded; “whatever she wants it to be”. But what about our first man? If Mrs. Hillary Clinton would have won would the same apply to our former president of the United States, Mr. Bill Clinton. Absolutely not.

We have a new leader and a new first lady coming aboard. But I would like to acknowledge a favorite of mine and share a link to her heartfelt story.

In this brave, beautiful, and deeply personal memoir, Laura Bush, one of our most beloved and private first ladies, tells her own extraordinary story.

Reference: Laura Bush spoken from the heart.

Kalanit Chiming out!

Wishing you all a Happy Chanukah a Merry Christmas and a Happy Kwanzaa

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