Welcome back my dear friends family fans and admires….I am Dr. Miss Theresa Bass, Certified Doctor of Human Subject Research Behavior and Owner / Sole Proprietor of Paradisical Chimes 50 Ask Kalanit. In May 2019 I passed my National Boards state license exam for the second time. I’m chiming in to bring you the latest news.

There is a game going around on my Facebook page…What will you look like after the pandemic? I have already gained 25 lbs. I am dying for an underarm wax, pedicure, manicure and hair do! As an adult we have been placed on lock-down as if we are enslaved. Numerous individuals blood pressure has risen, many are experiencing anxiety attacks, the talk show host are disgusted with ratings and husbands and wives are sick of the closeness. What is a girl to do?

Well, keep in mind that we are dealing with a pandemic that kills. How many initials do you want to carry behind your name? If you want to be identified as the initial man or woman it will kill your reputation. For those of you that need to catch up please log in, in the search parameters place the word neonatal, and find out what an initial man or woman is.

I reside in Philadelphia with Will Smith, (once on the South Side), and me on the North. Our own Patti Labelle is also back home in Philadelphia testing the breeze of city life again. I am appalled like most human beings of the killings that has created a feel of slavery and many are protesting, but unfortunately not peacefully. During the protest and riots it was noted that within a week there will be many more individuals coded with the deadly corona-virus. Do you want to wear the initials of C O V I D on your chest? Many will look at you as if you are a rabbit dog!

On May 7, 2020 I was diagnosed with pneumonia. On May 29, 2020 I was tested for the corona-virus. That afternoon I went to take my second round of x-rays hoping to hear the good news. Unfortunately the radiologist reported I was still infected with pneumonia. He said the films showed improvement but pneumonia was definitely still present. Three days later I was informed that I tested negative for the corona-virus. What a sigh of relief. I never had a fever or a cough but there are many that did not have symptoms and tested positive.

Governor Wolf, purports he must crack down for the welfare of many. A few days ago the governor of Pennsylvania change our curfew from 8 pm to 6 pm. As a result more individuals robbed ATM machines, stores, burned police officer cars, spray painted art in center city and expressed their anger in more ways than one.

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We must be smarter. It is a formidable task to exhibit social and emotional intelligence when we are tired of how we as human beings have been treated. However, the protest that are not done in peace is only going to hurt us all later down the road.

I would like to offer my condolences to all the friends and family members of the women and men that death ended in unjust ways. God please bless us all.

This is Dr. Miss Theresa Bass aka Kalanit, owner / sole proprietor of PC 50 AK chiming out! Please try to relax and plan a day filled with peace!

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