Melania Trump would like you to stand strong and say NO to Apache, China Girl, & their Relatives


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Opioid abuse is one of our First Lady’s, Melania Trump, pillars within her “BE BEST” initiative campaign. Fentanyl is a powerful medication. It is an opioid like morphine, codeine oxycodone and methadone. Fentanyl is normally reserved for surgery and cancer patients. I know, because I am a breast cancer survivor. Heroine laced with fentanyl, a deadly synthetic opioid up to 50 times more powerful as heroin alone, has hit the streets and is killing our citizens of all ages. Fentanyl is said to be 100 times more powerful than morphine, its chemical COUSIN.  Many of you know that I am a license / certified doctor of research. This article is based on my personal experience and researched scholarly articles. Mainly from the referenced link. The information may be disturbing to some and I am not being bias. However, we must look at the big picture here, Melania Trump, our First lady and I are trying to save lives.

I encourage you to follow the conversation from Paradisical Chimes 50 Ask Kalanit. Hit follow so you may be informed on all topics. Most of you also know I, Kalanit, have been involved in numerous motor vehicles accidents. I have taken Vicodin, Percocet and the family of Codones. One day I went into my pharmacist and he said, “how long are you going to take this medicine?” Have you began to discuss alternatives with your doctor! Well after my first breast cancer surgery I found out, (as I almost died on the operating table I was given Dilaudid and Fentanyl), those are two drugs that I can never take. I am allergic to the family of (OXY’s), so I was taking them with Benadryl. Yes what a combination. At this time Vicodin was like aspirin. It really served me no purpose. So, something crashed in my brain and I told him not to fill it. That was it for me. Someone cared. He actually hollered at me. I purchased Aleve and I said as of today …. No longer. When I consulted my physician I said I know that humans should only consume 2500 mg of Tylenol a day in order for it to properly metabolize through your liver. Vicodin Percocet and many of their sisters and brothers contain Tylenol.  Is there anything that I can take that will not destroy my liver? He said yes there is. He prescribed Ultram. The generic name is Tramadol. Oh so now I am a Trauma – Doll. Simply marvelous. Please my dear readers wean yourself off of these deadly drugs because like sugar they are very addictive.



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There is a consult window at your local pharmacist please use it when needed. There are many medication that we become immune to after a while. They just are not as potent. So ask yourself, why am I taking this?

In May 2016 a group of national health experts issued a urgent plan plea in a private letter to a high level official concerning opioid abuse and the escalating deaths in the country. The above link tells the sad story. PC50AK is not in business to defame other people characters. Nor am I passing blame. But I do know that this heavy ball and chain was dropped on my/our new President, Donald John Trump, lap shortly after he came into office.

The First Lady of the United States of America, Melania Trump, has taken on the fight to stop the senseless deaths caused by opioids and their chemical cousins. She has grabbed the ball ditch the chain and just doing what needs to be done courageously.

Do you want to be COOL and hangout with good-fella, murder 8, china girl, tango & cash and Apache or would you rather celebrate your next birthday with your love ones? This is not a trick question. I know I came home one day and did not have cable. I called Comcast and the young lady said I think we may be related. I told her I have enough friends and family betraying me. Please no we are not! Can you please just fix the cable. So many of you may be saying hanging out with Apache is keeping me sane right about now Kalanit. But it is NOT! Long term opioid use change your BRAIN function. NOT FOR THE BETTER!

The choice is yours. One of my articles, Dear Kalanit please offer your perspectives, it is noted that my readers don’t fly…..without wings and when there is no one there to catch them. Melania Trump, the First Lady of the United States of America and I, Kalanit, is just asking that you “BE BEST” by being smarter and pragmatic. Talk to someone. There is someone that cares.

The Hippocratic Oath, says….First do no Harm, (“primum non nocere”)!



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I am calling out to our Pastors, our Priest, our Rabbis, our Counselors, our Talk show Host, our Celebrities help us save our citizens.

If you need crisis intervention dial 911.

Dear God help bring light into our existence and take the darkness away……It is a cold cold world out here I know. But, trust there is someone that cares!

Kalanit Chiming Out!


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