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ParadisicalChimes50 is an Adult Professional Intellectual Social Interaction network. Offering Instructional Educational forums and website.

A unique site incorporating a motif of the art of humanity.

Q – What is profound about the synergy incorporated with Paradisicalchimes50? A – The association of individuals that seek far reaching ideas or essential wisdom that is appreciated through the “looking glass” of what is considered paradisiacal. As with any social network it offers an opportunity for social and professional interaction. Allowing individuals to mix in an informal way. It is utilized as social interaction through forums, blogs, post and an educational site. Q – What is actually being promoted? A – My business proposal, your business, social interaction, adult education and healing.     Q- How can I advertise my business? A – Chime in stating that you are a supporter, an associate, a friend or an admirer. Then state your professional affiliations and list the services that you provide.  There will be clients in need of your services and/or expertise. Q – I am a student in college and unemployed how can this site benefit me? A – The power of social networking. There are students holding undergraduate, graduate, certification and doctorate degrees and are unemployed. Become involved promote yourself, promote your business and become empowered. Q – I am a professional male and I’m 48 years old. I join all social networks to promote my business as well as myself. I’m single too. It sounds like those that promote and support the arts of humanity may be more of a permanent mate. A – I agree. Many are looking for companionship, and/or love. I hope my members are true to themselves as well as others. Q – Through a Jewish perspective sounds religious. I don’t know if I want to be involved in any religious causes. What does that mean? A – In Judaism we strive to conform to the practice of daily moral ethical living. As the Torah and the laws of halakha guide us I will only stress through the education forum boards the importance of acceptable behavior through the arts of humanity, (within your personal and business life). I will not try to change or convert you nor will I preach or give a sermon. What it means is we are created in God’s image, (b’tzelem elohim).  So explore what that should mean to you. Q – What else is being promoted? A – The arts of humanity giving and receiving from the heart, being charitable, being kind and showing compassion. Exhibit professional courtesy and moral ethical behavior in your daily life. One that does not run a honest business will not be in business for long. Q – Do you have session hours beyond 9-5 M-F? A – Absolutely. However, I will not allow my career to interfere in the time that God made qualitatively different. Sacred time is the essence of Shabbat. Not conforming to the laws of the Sabbath will create undesirable effects in my life. I will not allow that to happen so please understand that there will be no sessions or post during the hours of the Sabbath, (by me). Q – I’m from a different code of religion. Jews are different. If I am struggling spiritually how can you understand what I’m experiencing? A – This is not about religion. It is about the art of humanity…code one is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. That is a basic standard in many religions, (regardless of the language it is spoken in). However, my best friend is a Buddhist, (I learned to chant at the age of 12). My brother in-law is a Jehovah witness, a portion of my ex family are Muslims, my mothers’ extended family are Christian’s. I am Caucasian, Indian and African American. Hinduism and Judaism is manifested in my Indian heritage. In high school one of my friends was a Moorish American. I have friends that are Mormon’s. I am an educator and in order to educate I allow myself to become educated by others. I know the basic laws of many religions. Whatever your spice of life is does not have to contrast with the laws of being human. So, trust I understand religions, struggle, conflict, affliction, disabilities, hardships, war, famine, death and strife. They have been place on my door step once or twice. But, I have been healed and I survived and you can too. The site and Paradisical chimes advocate healing and educating in all facets of life beginning with the arts of humanity by promoting the diffusion of LOVE. Q – Paradisical Chimes is exclusively unique. How? A – I have no limitation in my quest in being a scholar. That is why the site is all encompassing. I am the owner the inventor and supporter. My active participation makes it a perpetual continuity in education and in life. Q – Exclusive in spelling too how? A – We all know the meaning of Paradisiacal and what it means to chime. The URL address spelling was change so when you type it in you will only reach my site. Exclusively. Paradisicalchimes1mogul1mtb1kalanit.com The address directs you to comments, home and the four about sections of the beauty of : ParadisicalChimes50 – Ask Kalanit – The professional pedagogical life scholar. Exclusively unique. Q – Does it replace or is it in competition with other social networks? A – Absolutely not. It offers an alternative to face book, linked-In and all others. Q. Do you worry about “copy cats” or competition? A. Absolutely not. Thieves at night does not receive God’s favor in the morning. A modern orthodox Rabbi differs from one that may be reformed. TD Jakes can not compete against Benny Hinn. Paula White can not compete against Joyce Myers or Richard and Lindsay Roberts. Why? There is no need to. When God’s gift to you is intrinsic…it is what it is. The divergence of Rabbi, Priest, Pastor is uniquely sublime and so am I. No one can do what I was called to do by God. He gave us each a set of finger prints that makes us inimitable.  Individuality is natural and precious. Our Rabbis, Priests’, Pastors’, educators and mentors are uniquely special. Our internal light can not be extinguished. Q – Do I need to be Jewish? A – Absolutely not. Q – Do I need to be over 50? A – Absolutely not. Q – Are there any requirements? A – Yes participants should/need to be an adult and human. Q – If I choose to follow to be informed I can but can I just post to the forum board? A – Absolutely. The synergy of doctors, lawyers, educators, marketing managers, real estate professionals, bankers, accountants, financial analyst, non-profit organizations, managers, Rabbis, Priest, Pastors and Indian chiefs are associates, friends or admirer(s) and willing to assist or recommend. Q – Is there a limit to your services? A – Absolutely. I will not play god as I realize my human boundaries you should too. Whatever my extra-sensory perception maybe I will always realize God and the universe is much bigger and definitely more powerful….I’ll climax as high as God allows. Q – What have you accomplished professionally? A – I began my educational milestone at University of Miami in 1977. I am a business woman with a business degree, BBA, Temple University 1982. An accountant with over 20 years experience in corporate America. Working within financial institutions and private CPA firms I was awarded a contract to manage small business development under the Casey administration, (late 80’s early 90’s). I have managed H & R Block tax offices and have taught their adult tax course. I have taught elementary, middle, high school, alternative school, (including Philadelphia Job Corps), and adult education. I have served as an Assistant Executive Director and I am certified in private school secondary education mathematics, (awarded from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania).  I am also certified in adult education, Jewish education and Jewish Non-Profit Management Leadership. I completed my Masters of Arts degree in Jewish Studies, (awarded from Gratz College), May 2015 and will begin my doctoral program, fall 2015.  Q – What causes have you been involved in lately? A – The fight against breast cancer which was a long journey for me. I won!


Q – Is there a membership fee? A – Not at this time.

Paradisical Chimes 50 is:


 Chalet Cyanella Paradisiacal resort in the French Alps


Chalet Cyanella Paradisiacal resort in the French Alps REVITALIZING….STIMULATING Chalet Cyanella Paradisiacal resort in the French Alps




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