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Q. Kalanit Judge Jeanine Pirro says we need a woman but not Hilary. Do you have any suggestions?

A. I’m not going there yet….POLITICS…. but maybe these women have a suggestion.

Condoleezza Rice

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Former Secretary of State

Amazing Grace – Condoleezza Rice & Jenny Oaks Baker



Michele Bachmann's religion and political views

Q. Kalanit what do you think about the Iran nuclear deal?

A. My Prime Minister has said it all.

Q. Kalanit I recently found out my husband is bisexual. My parents are strict Orthodox Jews and I can foreshadow their tantrums. My children are both in high school and they know about his infidelity. He is not their biological father but I wanted to have more children with him. Maybe this is why I have not experienced the quality of KOSHER SEX! I cannot stay in an unhealthy relationship. How can I help my children understand how important it is to maintain a Jewish nuclear family relationship?

A. Please consult a Rabbi. I am not a Rabbi or a marriage counselor. I will not and cannot defame so to all fairness to him there are couples that are both heterosexual and have not experience the quality of Kosher sex. I can only share my educational perspective. I pray that your faith and heart will allow you to make the right decision. My prayers are with you.

During a class project I have explored, investigated and evaluated sources within the framework of “The Jewish Family: Institution in Transition”. It is not my intent to mechanically regurgitate what have been heard, read or reproduced. It is to vast and irresolvable to focus on disadvantages or advantageous of the bifurcated gender roles as well as the Jewish view of homosexuality, (which the Torah regards and opposes). Nor will I negate any of my findings. Instead it is my aim to offer a critical interpretation as well as a unique, fresh detailed perspective of my research results.Traditionally and historical, (at least in conceptual model or idea), the Jewish family was patriarchal, three generational, home oriented, pious and devoted to learning particularly the Torah and Talmud. A system of power of adult males over adult females and children was a motivating enticement to create what is deemed formation of stable families. In interpreting a wholesome Jewish nuclear family, (which traditionally includes mother,father and biological children), an excellent depiction would be “Fiddler on the Roof”.

My research “changes within the Jewish nuclear family” will begin with the analytical examination of “why is the family so important in Judaism”?

In Judaism and according to biblical precept, (Exodus 21:10), a husband is responsible for providing his wife with her food, clothing, and conjugal rights. Physical needs are the responsibility of the husband to his wife. Jewish men are to restrict their sexuality to their wives which creates an intense bonding promoting the peaceful home, (shalom bayit). Where harmony and good will between a husband and wife reigns, (which has merit), procreation usually begins. The first mitzvah of be “fruitful and multiply” is paramount and significant to nurturing a family. The family is the foundation of Jewish life and patron of Jewish survival. The cornerstone of Judaism resonates Israel, (it’s people, it’s land, it’s God, it’s Torah), which associates and bond its’ roots to family. Today the people are called Jewish, their faith Judaism, their language Hebrew, their land Israel and its’ continuity is generation to generation, IT’S Family.

What is termed natal, natural or birth family, (the blood line), is critical to God’s creation, covenant and pivotal in Judaism. As we celebrate Pesach, Chanukah, Shabbat, Sukkot, Yom Ha’atzma’ut we celebrate our family history. As we celebrate God’s creation we celebrate our parents whom we have emanated from, (god, father, mother). To refuse to give birth to the next generation is to refuse to continue God’s creation, and thus also to refuse to live history, and thus also to deny the covenant, (A quote from the guide to Jewish Observances in Contemporary Life, Rabbi Donin).

Being pragmatic a Jewish family is an extended allegory of the continuity of Jewish life and Judaism. As Jews sanctify time, place and deeds they recall their past, their ancestors their grandparents. In order to reminisce of our physical reproduction, (within our history as well as our future), we must diffuse by educating generation to generation. The memory of a Jew is the secret to redemption. As the Jewish biological family is eternally enduring the life that is created is what constitute a Jewish family unit. Conclusively and irrevocable our obligation to God and for Jewish continuity is to have Jewish grandchildren. It is indeed a hope and mission to convey the crucial significance that our children remain Jewish, as they never forget, “why is this night different.” Not just the holocaust should be a motivating factor but the entire Jewish history, (the good and the bad), should be the underlying quintessence to make sure their children remain and teach Judaism to future generations.


Q. Kalanit my friends think I’m promiscuous. But I am not. I am just having fun and dating. They are tripping. I am 35, have been through a divorce and I am just seeking the right synergy. I think I finally found the right one this time. What can I say to the gossip-mongers when he propose to ME?

A. I’m so sorry I am just outside looking in. But Taylor Swift says shake it off because this one belongs to you. Congrats!





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